Distinctive prints are and will always be fashion statements in today’s fashion scene.

In 2017, we, three young Dutch entrepreneurs, we took the plunge and started developing, resulting in the launch of the brand Sock My Feet in 2018. We are now active in 15 countries and have recently expanded our brand with matching underwear called ‘Untouched Underwear’.

Our collections are shaped by three core values: “Distinctive prints”, “Sustainability” and “Quality & comfort”.

Distinctive prints

We provide our socks and underwear with prints with a classy and rebellious “tone of voice” for every “mood” and “mindset”. You have to dare to wear our underwear. Our prints are recognisable, stylish and at times provocative.


The fashion industry has a bad name when it comes to sustainability. This is because the sector is the second largest water user in the world! 

We want to show that clothes can be produced in a responsible way for people and nature, in contrast to ‘fast fashion’. We focus on finding an alternative to constant consumption and use environmentally friendly and recycled materials that last longer. Our socks are made in a textile factory in Istanbul, a family business that is SMETA and Oeko-Tex certified and where working conditions are safe and fair.

These promising words need some explanation.

Dyeing and treating textiles in today’s textile industry is responsible for about twenty percent of the world’s polluted water.

After years of development, we have now succeeded in producing high-quality prints on organic cotton. This means no pesticides and insecticides in cotton cultivation and no chemicals, heavy metals and chemical cleaning agents in the processing. Moreover, organic cotton is firmer, softer and more breathable, and reduces the risk of allergies and eczema. By printing, we save 90% of water consumption compared to the traditional colouring of yarns.

By using only natural organic cotton as raw material for our underwear, we reduce water consumption by 90% compared to conventionally grown cotton.


Quality & comfort

Besides stylish prints and durable production, quality & comfort complete our underwear. Even after frequent wear and washing, the prints remain beautiful without discolouration. We can therefore proudly state that our underwear is made to last.


Plastic Soup Foundation

We are aware that sustainable production alone is not enough and that the shipping of all our products also affects our ecological footprint. Besides our sustainable production chain, we want to compensate the C02 emissions of our shipments by contributing to the reduction of plastic in our oceans. Untouched Underwear is therefore proud to be an Eco Angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation. We support them with every online and offline purchase.